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These criticisms are justifiable to an extent but, personally, I think the critics have taken it far too literally.What was once a slow-paced and fun-filled life is shoved into the stark reality of warfare and how their experiences change their lives forever.

The leading information resource for the entertainment industry.Awards Quotes Trivia Home Video Reviews Misc. Deer Hunter, The. director Michael Cimino introducing the incendiary Russian roulette theme, in The Deer Hunter,.The Deer Hunter is a rich and powerful picture that without a trace of patronisation or the slightest touch of cultural superiority, speaks eloquently for the inarticulate.

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Directed by Michael Cimino. With Robert De Niro, Christopher Walken, John Cazale, John Savage. An in-depth examination of the ways in which the U.S. Vietnam War.

The Deer Hunter: 1978 Best Picture. by. Jeopardy! clues on “The Deer Hunter. Vietnam vet Christopher Walken plays Russian Roulette for a living.

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Robert De Niro is riveting as the leading member of the gang of three, leading the film in the direction the director set out to do, and capturing the spirit of his horrified and somewhat soul rotted character perfectly.

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Mike turns the game to his advantage so they can escape captivity, but the men are permanently scarred by the episode.

The Deer Hunter (DVD): Tracks a. One of the most talked-about sequences in the film is the Vietcong's use of Russian roulette with POWs. Quotes Add a Quote.Michael Cimino’s 7 Films Ranked, From Worst to Best (Photos). Also Read: Why ‘The Deer Hunter’s Russian Roulette Scenes Can Still Blow You Away (Video).Set across many years, the film is split into very defined sections or three acts, with one hour given over to the characters and their normal lives back in the US, the second to the war in Vietnam, and the third to the years after the war.

Russian roulette's wiki: Russian roulette (Russian: русская рулетка, russkaya ruletka) is a lethal game of chance in which a player places a single.

After struggling for funding for the three hour epic screenplay, a British studio, EMI, finally got the film rolling and the cast together for this brutal war film.

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This perfectly sums up the naivete of these young men as they seem to have a romanticised idea of war and have absolutely no idea of what is to become them.

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Welcome to the Shroomery Message Board!. Russian Roulette #23286423 - 05/29/16 10:25 PM (1 year,. The Deer Hunter.The thinking deer hunter should mature through three phases during his hunting life. Russian Roulette - The Zanies (1963). Deer hunting would be fine sport.Arnold Schwarzenegger to Star in Outrider Western Series for Amazon.In the Russian roulette scenes, Cimino shows us his best, as we are literally taken into the middle of the games with the other characters and flung headfirst into uncertainty, panic and desperation.

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A 15 Aug 1978 LAT brief reported that The Deer Hunter received an enthusiastic response. due largely to the violence of the Russian roulette. Loc mgr, Thailand.The movie won five Oscars and, if anything, improves with age.


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This incredible behind-the-scenes trivia will either make you hate “The Deer Hunter” or love. “there was not a single recorded case of Russian roulette,.