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Upgraded performance and features for powerful multimedia performance.Memory Upgrades Dell Deals. Accessories For Your XPS 8500:. (90daywarranty,/locales/global/technotes/base.loc) Dell service offerings do not affect consumer's.So the current power supply can take some additional load, if you desire to upgrade or expand the system in the future.New XPS 27 All-in-One 27-inch all-in-one featuring a 4K Ultra HD display and the best sound of any all-in-one.

The tray that pops out feels super inexpensive and seems like it will break instantly if you bump it the wrong way.Great For Those wanting performance and advanced entertainment from an advanced all-in-one design.

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Blissfully Little Bloatware: Sure, there is always nagging anti-virus software, but we actually liked one feature of the included McAfee Security Center: a context option to Shred a selected file.Dell is a direct partner to businesses and consumers that delivers innovative technology and services.Available two-stage liquid cooling and up to 6GB of tri-channel DDR3 memory.Dell included a few of its usual offerings: DataSafe Local and Online, and Dell Digital Delivery.

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Technical specifications for Dell XPS 8500 memory configuration and RAM upgrade recommendations for your exact model. Guaranteed to work with your system and backed.

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Dell XPS Desktops. Please scroll to the. Dell XPS 8500 Dell XPS 8500. Details on Dell XPS 8910 Desktop: Details on XPS Tower SE:. 4GB/8GB DDR3L memory up to.Out-of-the box performance with Intel Core i7 processors Extreme.

Dell XPS 8500 Special Edition Dell XPS 8500 Special Edition Dell XPS One 27 with Touchscreen Touch the future of creativity.Dell XPS 8500 I wasn't smart. With the nVidia GT 640 graphics card in the x16 slot,. Dell XPS 8500; locked Dell U2711 monitor.

Great For Creative professionals who need a desktop capable of heavy-duty media work and play.Great For Multimedia aficionados and tech-savvy PC or gaming enthusiasts.

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Great For Interactive touch applications, digital content creation, movie viewing, everyday gaming and entertainment.solved Dell XPS 8500 Stock. If the system is currently able to recognize any of the four RAM slots when only 2. P9X79 32bit ram installed only 16 recognized.

With bleeding edge tech to take the XPS 8500 into the future, should the day come when some upgrades are needed, there is room for expansion too, with free PCI Express and RAM slots, small and large drive bays, free power supply and SATA connectors, and some headroom on the power supply.Guaranteed compatible RAM memory upgrades matched to the Dell XPS 8500. Free delivery, lifetime warranty and everyday low prices.G45 Chipset Great For Digital content creation, movie viewing, everyday gaming and entertainment.Dell Support Center: If for no other reason, we like the Dell Support Center app because of all the information it provides (almost like having a functional copy of Everest again).

XPS Tower SE Expandable, high-powered, functionally designed desktop.

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Dell XPS 27 All-in-One A vivid color display, the latest generation processors and a sleek design.

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Details on XPS 8500 Details on XPS 8300 Details on Studio XPS Details on XPS 730 Details on XPS 730x Details on XPS 630 Details on XPS 625 Details on XPS 430 Details on XPS 420 Details on XPS One Details on XPS One 24.Initially, I had 2gb of RAM in 4 slots, 512 per. I recently upgraded to 4gb of RAM, yet, my machine only recognizes 2gb of RAM. I have tried F2 and F12, but, there is.

Each type of system has its place, and plenty of people still hit that Confirm Order button for a desktop system after weighing the pros and cons of the alternatives.Every task (and multi-task) we undertook: photo editing, browsing with up to 20 open tabs, live streaming video, desktop publishing. everything was processed with satisfying speed, no hesitation, no stuttering, no endless spinning cursors.USB 3.0 Front and Rear: We like seeing the 2 easy-to-access front USB 3.0 ports (as well as 2 top-side USB 2.0 ports), plus 2 more USB 3.0 ports in the rear.Video editing and encoding, photo and graphics processing and music creation.There are an awful lot of computing devices out there vying for your hard-earned money.However, it performed without problems, so the deduction is primarily cosmetic, with a hint of worry about longevity, especially in a home use situation where kids (who are not always careful) might be involved.