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International English Language Testing System. IDP: IELTS Australia and Cambridge English Language. The number of date slots for IELTS General test is 24.Hi guys, I am going to give my exam in october 10th, but i have taken dates with IDP, is that a mistake done by me.

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IELTS relies on more British and Australian English,. AECC GLOBAL - HYDERABAD 6-3-1090/1/, 3rd Floor, Uma Hyderabad House, Raj Bhavan Road, Somajiguda.And this time if they give me less, I would prefer BC instead.Eventually, they gave me 5.5 which is the minimum to be accepted, in order to get the bachelor degree.Im currently in the UK and will register to nmc but first i need to take ielts.

But some of my friends appeared from idp and the also achieved good bands.Moreover the question bank from where the questions are picked is the same for both IDP and British Council.Unfortunately I got 5.5 in IDP after 2 months of studying by every possible mean.Will it be good because I have heard they are giving less bands so please advise me what should I do.

So stop blaming the examiners and prepare well for your exam.D in linguistics with more than 15 years of experience, has managed to get a 9 twice by BC but that seems to be impossible with IDP.This people are holding exam for making money by giving bad results so that u can go for various attempts and rechecking.IELTS was invented by the University of Cambridge, British Council and IDP all together.Make India a developed country so whole west should trade in Rupees and not in dollars. Jai Hind.To all the candidates who are thinking of submitting IELTS in IDP.But I am still bewilder because last year when I indulged under BC test, the practice book I got was similar to exam I have given, and this time IDP Practice Tests book is totally different and having tough practice tests for general training (specially reading).Best IELTS Coaching in Hyderabad A cut above all the other Top IELTS Coaching Centers in Hyderabad, English Springs offers the Best IELTS coaching in Hyderabad and in.

In the second part I completed my cue card and after that the examiner asked me if I wanted to speak more and I replied to him that no sir thanks.As several have said on here, it is exactly the same test whether you go to BC or IDP.Hi guys, This is for the first time I am appearing for IELTS but I am confused.Which one is better to attempt IELTS, IDP or British Council.I have got results from BC today L-7.5 r-6.5 W-6 S:5.5 I gave IDP two time and got below score: L- 7.5 r-5.5 W-7 S:8 L-7 r-5.5 W -7 S:8.5 I dont understand which to trust, given IDP two times I an confident on my speaking skills.

Truely speaking as far I concerned IDP paper is easy but as of these mismanagement I end up getting less score in IDP than bc.I am not sure of the reason why this is, but someone can throw some light on this issue.I would have preferred taking my test with BC the third time but as I said before the test dates for BC were unavailable.

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Exam results are monitored by Cambridge AND variations are investigated internally regularly.Recently I given British council exam from chd, tomorrow is my result.Hi all, Please do read my comments I had also appeared for IELTS through IDP and have a very strong feeling that they manipulate scores in your reading and listening section.

The test is produced by Cambridge English Language Assessement (one of the joint owners of the test) and it is sent out to IDP and British Council and any other places that run the test.And as other people have said, it is the same exam whether you are at BC or IDP.I gave one trial in IDP and got 6 band (overall) where R-7, L-5.5, S-5.5, W-5.5 I accept, I blew my listening part.Regarding the test administering facilities - I think that both should be the same, as examiners are trained by using the same training material and standards.Find IELTS test dates, book and find out how to prepare for your Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening test. Official support from IDP Education.Management should not allow that kind of attitude to examinee.I wish you all luck for your preparation and hope you achieve whatever band you aspire.The exam was supposed to start at 1pm however due to lower level of management it started even a little later than 2pm.Guys ipd means international test and bc means British. I got 4.5 in bc now i take ipd test on 28 oct.

Before receiving the materials from idp i was practising online scoring 7.5 to 8 in online reading tests.Hello Hope you all know about the difference between Australian English and UK English.Tell me how many of you, who are quiet sound with your English, have managed to clear the exam in one attempt. I scored 8.5 in all the sections except writing where i scored 6 bands.

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Test Centers - Providing. Hyderabad IELTS Administrator. Raj Bhavan Rd, Somajiguda Hyderabad, 500 082: IDP Education Australia, Mumbai IELTS.So i have found that you can send your papers for re-checking which again is a chargeable service.I would suggest everybody to give IELTS through BC as IDP is just making money.